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  • Biopharmaceutics is a major branch of pharmaceutical sciences. It concerns the relationship between the physical and chemical properties of a drug in a dosage form and the pharmacologic and toxicologic or clinical response observed after the administration. The study of biopharmaceutics has been extended beyond that of descriptive discipline by the development of pharmacokinetics, which concerns the study and characterization of the time course of therapeutics and adverse effects of drugs.

  • Pharmaco-Kinetics involves the application of mathematics and biochemistry in a physiologic and pharmacologic context. The development of clinical pharmcokinetics is the culmination and logical outcome of advances in the area of pharmacokinetics, clinical pharmacology, toxicology, analytical chemistry, biopharmceutics and therapeutics. Simply stated, clinical pharmacokinetics is a health science that deals with the application of pharmacokinetics to the safe and effective therapeutic management of the individual patient.

  • Contact Info

    Dr.Padala Narayana Raju(HOD)
    Associate Professor
    Phone : 08818-284558
    Fax : 08818-284322
    Email : svipscollege@yahoo.com